\\ˈävə̇dsəˌnīt\ noun (-s)
Etymology: J.A.Arfvedson died 1841 Swedish chemist + English -ite
: a silicate of sodium, calcium, and iron, approximately Na2-3(Fe,Mg,Al)5Si8O22(OH)2, of the amphibole group occurring in black monoclinic strongly pleochroic prisms in certain igneous rocks

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/ahr"vid seuh nuyt'/, n. Mineral.
a sodium-rich amphibole, occurring in green to black crystals in alkalic rocks.
[1830-40; named after J. A. Arfvedson (d. 1841), Swedish chemist; see -ITE1]

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arfvedsonite /ärˈved-sə-nīt/ (mineralogy)
A sodium-rich amphibole
ORIGIN: JA Arfvedson (1792–1841), Swedish mineralogist

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arfvedsonite Min.
[f. Arfwedson a man's name + -ite.]
A ferruginous variety of hornblende, occurring in black crystals in Greenland and Norway; also called soda-hornblende.
1837–68 Dana Min. 243.

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